Presenting a New Depths RETREAT WEEK:

"Deep Transformation" 

September 1-8, 2017

Portland, Oregon, USA

Susan Skye, Creator of New Depths

Susan Skye

Creator of New Depths

Sarah Peyton

Sarah Peyton


Enjoy the embrace of resonant, compassionate community with like-hearted others

Experience The Remarkable Impact When Resonant Empathy is Combined with the Latest Discoveries in Brain Science...

During this "Deep Transformation" Retreat Week you'll experience:

  • The latest findings in brain science (Interpersonal Neurobiology) and what they mean for you
  • Deepening your understanding of how our early attachment experiences (or lack thereof) still live in us
  • How to bring the self-connection we've been developing within ourselves into an alive dynamic in our friendships, lifepartnerships, and parent-child relationships
  • An exciting, very effective new process that produces transformational, stable change in core implicit, traumatic memories
  • Unconcealing Sacred Vows and discovering what how our nervous systems can be released from these original contracts, including the overlapping effects of attachment vows and trauma vows
  • Strengthening our ability to stay joyfully alive, self-connected and self-regulated in the face of emotional entanglement with others and also with the world itself – acknowledging the pain and joy we may have in living in a global society that is all too often wedded to its own pain and trauma

All New Depths Retreats also include:

How to Identify and Resolve Your Own Traumatic Experiences and Create Stable, Positive Change:

  • How to create new neural networks in your brain that support your thriving
  • Methods for handling emotional triggers and reactivity and calming your emotional alarm system
  • How to develop and sustain emotional equilibrium and self-regulation
  • How to integrate unprocessed traumatic memories, resolve trauma-based symptoms, and create a compassionate, empowered and heart-connected relationship with your painful past  
  • How to shift negative beliefs and assumptions about yourself to a positive, life-affirming sense of self
  • How to use deep process work to repair and create the brain circuits that support warmth and intimacy 
  • Developing sustainable, life-supporting strategies to nourish and support you going forward

Multidimensional Learning Approaches, including:

  • Individual experiential process work
  • Small group work
  • Conceptual learning
  • Community discussion
  • Breathing and guided visualizations

What Difference Will Participating Make For YOU?

“…I no longer am flooded with shame when I make the smallest mistake. And I’m able to actually look at you all … and not get lost in my shame at being seen. …There’s a part of me that has always held back from [full self-expression] … and my experience is that there is nothing now in my way of doing that.  

So, this is probably one of the most precious moments I’ve had in my life.” 

— Fred, PhD Psychologist, CNVC Certified NVC Trainer (Portland, OR - USA)

“The first time I had the courage to speak in this group, I spoke to you about whether I could belong or not, because I really struggle with that. And I’ve had more feeling of belonging here than I’ve ever had in my life … I am so grateful to all of you. 

I feel so welcome here, like there’s room for me. It’s such a blessing.” 

— Joy, Clergywoman (North Carolina - USA)

"Being part of a community of such different kinds of people who are all so willing to do such deep work, and with so much kindness, authenticity, and compassionate self-responsibility, has had its own profound healing impact on me.

[Through this work] I made a depth of connection with my 'inner orphan' who was 'never listened to/never mattered,' that healed those old wounds and -- overnight! -- left me able to say 'No' to my partner at essential times that I was never able to before.

Susan, and Sarah, I am so grateful to you both for the gift of this work. It’s just miraculous. I know that’s a big word, but no other word does it justice.”

— Victoria, Business Consultant, NVC Educator, and Cultural Creative (Portland, OR - USA)

"I started this program because I had this ache, this longing, for real connection with people, ...there was never this warmth with people that I could depend on, and I really wanted that. I learned so much here .... 

"Now I'm learning how to rewire my brain with warmth and care. It took my Nonviolent Communication practice and my communication in general to a whole new level."

— Robin, (Colorado - USA)





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  • $2040 private room 

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Register with friends after July 1: 

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  • $1965 shared room 
  • $2165 private room

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